Test Order, Cancellation and Refund Policy
  1. All lab test MUST be ordered through a certified clinician/health practitioner. DNA LAB does not accept walk-in patient.
  2. DNA LAB shall invoice the customer (clinics/hospitals) on the last day of each calendar month for services rendered. 
    The invoice shall include the fee due and payable and all government services tax payable in respect of the services rendered.
  3. For oversea customers, the sample will be processed only after full payment has been received. 
  4. Any test cancellation should be requested by the clinician/healthcare practitioner via formal request by contacting our Customer Care 
    at +6019 600 2700 or email the request to info@dna-laboratories.com.
  5.  In case of test cancellation:
    - Before the test has been conducted: entire amount will be refunded ONLY for valid reasons and according to the exchange rate on the day of payment received.
After the test has been conducted or partially performed: a handling / processing fee may include and not limited to 
  • Cancellation of test after the specimen is received (e.g. NICC, Karyotype, EmbryoCheck and Clinical Genomics Test)
  • Failure of test due to sub-optimal specimen condition e.g. maternal cell contamination, degraded DNA or specimen not  received at proper temperature
  • Special courier service arrangement
Test Report

The turnaround time for the completion of testing will be approximately the time stated in the Genetic Testing Guide (GTG), which is up to 2 months (for Clinical Genomics Test). A written report of the test will be furnished to the requesting clinician/health practitioner after the test is verified by the lab director.


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