A Gift of Love, is the Gift of Life
Childbirth is generally a time of joy for the parents and families. However there are many new responsibilities when you have a baby. One of them is to make sure your baby get the examinations and check-ups that they need in making sure that the precious little one is growing and developing properly. If there are any problems detected, you can catch them early. This means that there is a better chance for treatment.

Newborn Screening is a simple blood test to screen  for metabolic and other inherited disorders. It usually done between 48 to 72 hours after the baby was born. With early diagnosis and medical treatment, complications from these serious but uncommon disorders can be treated.

If you and/or your partner have any kind of allergies – whether it is food-derived or environmental, you might be worried that your little one will inherit them too, especially if your baby is starting to take up solid food. However, it could take months or years for an allergy to show up. If you have a family history of allergies, discuss with your pediatrician or a pediatric allergy specialist for an allergy test.

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